English Project

Preschool children enjoying the English class with an outdoor activity

they are drawing some shapes on the sand like squares, circles, triangles and rectangles and then they draw different objects using those shapes following the teacher's instructions.



Once again the entire school community gathers to celebrate the "English Day?. The celebration began with a great cultural show by students who every day more and more surprise us with their talent. 

Students and teachers prepared an exchange of information on some countries where English is the official language (Australia, USA and UK) with stands organized where everyone participated actively. 

Guests from different institutions were also part of this great day encouraging students to continue their learning of English as a second language. The celebration ended successfully with the support and collaboration of the entire educational community.

Having fun learning English

Students present their own newscast having as a model our daily reports of T.V, using the structures and vocabulary learnt in class so far (present simple - present continuous - present perfect) 
Production skills are extremely useful, both in and outside the classroom. After completing a project, a presentation is a channel for students to share with others what they have learnt. It is also a chance to challenge and expand on their understanding of the topic. 
These kind of activities can also form a natural part of "task based learning? by focusing on a particular language point or skill, the presentation is a very practical way to revise and extend what is seen in class, getting the students to listen to each other learning English in a fun way.


This year the English department has had several major transformations, thanks to the idea of contributing to the academic improvement. Although it is a long term project, some of the most obvious changes are the increase in the hours in all grades, as well as the division of the groups into basic and advanced.

Teachers, in their training and experience recognize that as it is a foreign language it must be learned naturally and in a funny way, because of the communication gap. Therefore, it is important to develop educational activities to potentiate the skills of the students of the institution

Here you have some examples of what happen inside the classroom 

The following pictures represent a class where kids from 4th grade practiced all the vocabulary related to Seasons, Colors and Clothes. A fun activity where the students learned by groups; they chose a season and designed the clothes for a special fashion show.

Here the kids from 7th grade (The advanced group) practiced through races "be going to? by doing predictions and explaining activities by games. Physic education through English

Kids from 3rd grade were learning Body Animal description, so they went to hunt some animals outside the classroom. They found different images in the school and then, they described them.
They also became animals from the jungle, they learned more about animals by acting like them, they learned their physical description and how  they act.

Students from the advanced group in 7th grade made up a role play where they practiced Simple Present. They played the role of a family in a daily routine at home

They also made up a Menu to practice food, How Much and numbers

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